Gujarat protests against new education policy recommendations

Gujarat protests against new education policy recommendations

GUJARAT Government has registered its objections and objections against several key recommendations presented in the draft of the new Education Policy-1.

At a meeting of education ministers of various states of the country recently met at Delhi, Education Minister Bhupendra Singh Chudasama expressed some doubts that Gujarat had already adopted some of the recommendations presented in the draft on the new education policy or even restrained education in the state with some recommendations. The Government of Gujarat protested against the recommendations of the new education policy on the following important points and made suggestions
1. School Regulation Authority There is no need to set up a School Regulation Authority in Gujarat as it creates a new parallel system on the schools of the state. 

2. State Education Commission The Central Government has recommended the National Education Commission, which is responsible for reviewing the educational goals in the country and developing and implementing new goals and evaluating them. But there is no need to construct such a commission in Gujarat because such a provision has already been made in the Right to Education Act (EE). 

3. SCMC. SCMC should not be under any obligation to regulate school teachers. 

4. Subject Central Univ. Inevitable The recommendation to close universities in the field of independent technology, health, science, legal, agriculture is inappropriate. Because, such organizations are essential to develop the skills and best management standards in that field. Gujarat provides forensic science, sports, yoga, university-started and high quality education and resources in agriculture. 

5. Basic literacy In the new education policy, all the children have decided to achieve the basic goal of basic literacy and numeracy knowledge. But Gujarat will be able to achieve that feat. 

6. Colleges of colleges should continue The recommendation in the new education policy to abolish the attachment system to colleges is inaccurate, this system should continue. Because, not doing so will prevent students from getting higher education in the distance. Because, there is no connection, colleges will be closed there. 

7. Oppose autonomous institutions to set curriculum The Gujarat government has opposed the recommendation of a new education policy for all autonomous educational institutions in the state to decide the curriculum. Because every autonomous institution does not have the capacity to create its own curriculum, this suggestion is also incorrect.

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