Primary teachers under heavy stress because of the workload

Primary teachers under heavy stress because of the workload

Morbi: Along with the teachers of the state of Gujarat, about 3687 teachers in Morbi district are feeling overwhelmed with the stress that all the old computers have been withdrawn from the existing schools by the teachers of the government primary school. New computers are not provided in any school, however, the information of the school, children, teachers, various programs run in the school is taken online, the unit test, which is held every Saturday, is Sunday, from Monday to Friday. It is not even a practice to round in the wrong and to write the word correctly, to write the correct sentence According to Shafi, the remedial teaching and retraining, giving the unit test book for parents to sign the house, all of this comes back to the teacher on Saturday, in which the teacher teaches when it is a direct question and when the superiors arrive, the school is based on the unit test. Evaluates the teacher. The unit test is for students to know how much they remember. This unit seems to have become a tool to replace test teachers, prevent inflation.

In addition, teachers have worked in many programs such as Environmental Laboratory, Building a Kitchen Garden, Medicinal Gardening, Digging for Solid Waste Disposal, Construction of Terrace Garden, Bal Nursery, Drip Method, Preparing Compost Fertilizer, Fertilizers Preparation, Rainwater Harvesting, Green House, Hydro Ponics, Modeling Water Storage, All these Uploading her photographs online, showing Meena's world team team program and distance learning lessons online to students, registering them, showing and registering lessons to students in Gyankunj, conducting a variety of prayer programs, daily daily prayers and daily practice with her daily practice. Writing study practitioner, each subject Every student has to check with the self-taught text that they have written, sign the page with the date, if the date or signature is left, then the teacher gets notice for such minor things and corrects the mistakes made by each student in the self-study approach. Place application is compulsory to download the information to the school by uploading it to your mobile, every day under the language program. Perform various activities for a few hours and systematically check the activities of 40 to 50 children of the class, write the date wise, sign all the achievements of the children in the school mirror diary, sign the teacher on the page, sign the guardian and children studying in the government primary schools. Poor, working-class parents do not understand the importance of education and do not send young children to regular schools. While it is natural for absent regular students to be irregular, it is natural for teachers to suffer the wrath of superiors.

In addition, with the commencement of the annual exams starting on 26.03.2020, with the celebration of four different special days in February, there have been countless programs in schools throughout the year and till now students have given thirty-six unit tests and one semester exams. CRT Even the Courses could not be run by the entire teachers and the teachers could not be trusted by CRC, BRC. School inspectors, taluka primary teachers, diet lecturers, dietary principals, Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan officials, GCERT officials, directors of primary education, secretaries, etc., frequently visit the school and give notices to teachers for common mistakes. Postponement, withholding salaries For many reasons, teachers are experiencing unbearable stress and confusion.

Due to which, a sister in Savarkundla with a sister who was in charge of the school, who was taking over the charge from the teacher, became unconscious. Also in Banaskantha, a teacher has died of a heart attack due to workload. While many such incidents are taking place across the state, Ghanshyamabhai S., has not been able to reduce such an incident in Morbi district. Dithriya President and Dineshbhai R. The district's primary teachers' union has expressed concern and grief over the Ambala general secretary.

Primary teachers under heavy stress because of the workload

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