Primary school teacher attendance latest News report

Primary school teacher attendance latest News report

Face Recognition for easy and mobile attendance tool

If you are ;

- An employer who have small number of employees (drivers, maid, etc)
- A School Teacher, University Lecturer, etc
- Residential Area Security Employer

You can perform ANYWHERE attendance with Abseno by face recognition technology.

Capabilities :

1. Real Time Face Recognition with Adjustable Confidence
2. Front/Rear Camera Support
3. Real Human Verification against spoof attempt using still image or video
4. Up to 200+ persons registrations
5. Export your person or import face data from/to another Abseno User
6. Check IN, Check OUT, Classroom Mode Attendance and Quick Scan Mode
7. Report generation and export to csv or Ms Excel
8. Secured by Login System
9. Push Notification

- Enrol at least one person
- Enrol face on good lighting environment (daylight is recommended)
- You may install Abseno on the big screen Android Device (such as Tab) and put it on attendance location to run 24/7
- Calibrate each time you add and remove person
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