Shixak paritoshik(Awards) Aapva Babat No Latest paripatra.

Shixak paritoshik(Awards) Aapva Babat No Latest paripatra.

Excell Supply is proud to be a provider of teachers and support staff to local schools and colleges whose tireless efforts ensure our children receive the best possible education.

“The awards provide an invaluable opportunity to show our appreciation to those whose stars have shone brightest this year.

“We have a few new additions to the Excell team who are very excited to be involved in the awards for the very first time. We are looking forward to the awards ceremony where the winners will be announced.”

Today we can reveal the finalists in the 2019 Cheshire School Awards competition.

Every year the judging of this popular competition gets tougher and tougher as the number and quality of entries consistently increases.

This is certainly the view of Jon Overall from the main sponsor Excell Supply, who was one of the judges.

He said: “Excell Supply is delighted to be supporting the Cheshire Schools Awards for the fifth consecutive year.

“By sponsoring this event for the last five years we have had the opportunity to learn about some wonderful people and groups within our primary and secondary schools. Both pupils and staff alike have been recognized for their amazing contributions to life in both their individual schools and the wider community.

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