CTET 2019 Form Correction Notification

CTET 2019 Form Correction Notification

With nearly three-quarters of the earth covered in water, it would seem unlikely that there is water scarcity at all. However, water scarcity does not have as much to do with the availability of "any" water as it does with the availability of potable, or usable, water. With worldwide water predominantly utilized for corporate consumption and less than 1% of available water from fresh water sources (such as snowcaps or glaciers), according to the CDC, over 1 billion people are currently forced to use water from hazardous resources for cooking, bathing and consumption. Approximately half of this vulnerable population are children.
Searching for potable water sources is a daily chore for over 2 billion women and children across the globe, who spend many hours each day hauling water from pumps and basins to their homes. In what is sometimes described as a "six hour journey," this population, predominantly girls, spend their day fetching water instead
of attending school or playing with siblings or friends.


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